About me

Hi! I am Mira, a passionate Virtual Assistant and interior designer

Welcome to my Website! This is Mira an expert in VA and interior design. I have a strong passion for home decoration and in this blog where I like to share my taste with you hoping to give you some inspiration for a very stylish and affordable home !

A bit of my Background

I come from South Italy a beautiful city on the Ionian sea. I have a strong background in designing and creating customized project in 3d render, I worked in Italy for many years as interior decorator and I love to help people decorating their home.

I bring strong experience as a Success Manager. I started my career with a Saas English company based in Manchester UK that focus on Fitness Management software system. I was using Hubspot as our main CRM on a daily basis and Zendesk support to engage with customers.
I was an Italian Account Manager and then I was promoted after 1 year to the role of Success Manager ,working from home during pandemic, and in addition to Italy I was assigned the regions of South Africa and the Middle East.

During these years I was in charge of onboarding new customers and deliver full training and support franchisees with whom I managed to build a professional and trusting relationship.

I am a very organized and excellent communicator ,hungry for knowledge, always willing to learn and ready for new challenges.


What can I do for you ?

Always ready  to assist you in getting your projects off the ground. Whether you need help building websites, or just need someone who can manage your social media and customers, my background as a Success Manager will help me keep you informed, on track, and able to stay focused on your goals.

I have experience working with clients from all over the world and am always looking forward to helping others achieve their goals.


In addition to working as a Virtual Assistant I realize also 3d bespoke projects creating the perfect harmony for your home, taking care of every detail for all your spaces , everything strictly of high quality…… and with an Italian way of thinking. Enjoy your reading and feel free to leave a comment or contact me at the email address miradesign.interiors@gmail.

I will be pleased to choose a selection of decoration for you room or your entire home , put them toghether in a 3d space or a mood board, suggesting where to buy the items listed.. and remember the first consultation is FREE !

Here some photos of my previous  Interior projects :

This is My video where I present some of my works and what I can do for you !

The music on this video is played by me , a wonderful piece by the Italian Musician and composer Ludovico Einaudi called ” Le Onde ” translated ” Waves ” 🎶 🙂


I have a passion for playing piano also as my Mum sent me to take piano lessons since I was 5 years old and now I keep playing mostly pop arrangements in every minute of my free time🎶 If you want to hear me playing live on my piano you can follow me on my twitch channel here :

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